For three years, Beth McLendon was the Senior Editor and Director of Communications for Personality Insights publishing company. Her editing credits include: A+ Ideas for Every Student’s Success, You’ve Got Style 3rd Edition, A Tip In the Right Direction Volumes I, II, and III, The Dance of Interaction, Building a Strong Marriage and Family, Second Edition, Building a Strong Marriage and Family Workbook, Team @ Work Workbook and Adult Profile Assessment.

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"Beth is a breath of fresh air to work with as an editor. She brings to her work a wonderful balance of technical knowledge and people skills. She is direct, organized and concise in her approach. I have learned through our work together that whatever her name is connected to will lead to excellence."

Jeanine Fitzgerald is the Founder and Owner of The Better Behavior Bureau. For 27 years, she has worked in the field of education providing expertise in child development. She is the author of The Dance of Interaction

"I was very pleased with the editing and especially appreciated the added scriptures that were needed to complete this message."

Germaine Copeland President and Founder of Word Ministries,
(Beth often edits articles for Germaine Copeland.)


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